Grandkids stole your heart?

Taught you what true love means?

…but you just can’t find the right words how to say it it.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Plenty of people often lack words to express how they feel about their loved ones simply because they don’t find the right words to use.

Luckily, there are many words you can actually use to express love. Words are strong and we have to use them wisely and in the right manner.

We’ve curated an ultimate list of lovely grandma quotes for you.

Feel free to share any of them on your preferred social media and let know your grandkids how you feel about them.

Quote #1 | Every Day Special

Being a grandma makes every day special.

every day special

Quote #2 | Forever In My Heart

Even when my grandchildren are not in my arms, on my lap or in my home, they are in my heart and there they will stay forever.

forever in my heart grandparent quote

Quote #3 | Grandkids Welcome Anytime

Grandkids welcome anytime. Parents by appointment only.

grandkids welcome anytime grandparent quote

Quote #4 | Forever-Loving Grandma

I am a cheek-kissing, hug-stealing, gift-bringing, sugar-supplying, smile-brining, story-reading, forever-loving grandma.

a forever-loving grandma quote

Quote #5 | Grandkids Make Life Grand

Grandkids make life grand.

grandkids make life grand grandparent quote

Quote #6 | Keep My Heart Young

Grandkids keep my heart young.

keep my heart young grandparents quote

Quote #7 | Got Promoted To Grandma

I’m the best parent so I got promoted to grandma.

got promoted to grandma quote

Quote #8 | The Littlest Feet

The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in grandma’s heart.

the littlest feet grandma quote

Quote #9 | Be Happy And Successful

This grandma’s dream is to see her grandchildren grow to be happy and successful.

be happy and successful grandma quote

Quote #10 | Day And Night

I think about my grandchildren day and night even if they are not with me and will love them in a way they will never understand.

Day and night grandparents quote

Quote #11 | Taught Me What True Love Means

My grandchildren have taught me what true love means.

grandchildren taught me what true love means grandparents quote

Quote #12 | My Little Miracles

My grandkids are my little miracles.

my little miracles grandparents quote

Quote #13 | I Became A Grandma

Just when I thought I knew what love is I became a grandma.

I became a grandma quote

Quote #14 | Until Someone Called Me Grandma

I never knew how much love my heart could hold ’til someone called me grandma.

until someone called me grandma quote

Quote #15 | My Heart And Soul

My grandkids are my heart and soul, they will always be my babies even when they grow old.

They are my heart and soul grandparents quotes

Quote #16 | My Arms Are Always Open For Them

Grandchildren never outgrow grandma’s arms.

My arms are always open for them grandma quotes

Quote #17 | Grandma Moments

The best moments are grandma moments.

grandma moments

Quote #18 | Spoiling Is My Game

Grandma’s my name, spoiling’s my game.

spoiling is my game grandma quotes

Quote #19 | God’s Most Precious Work Of Art

This grandma knows that God’s most precious work of art is the warmth and love of a grandchild’s heart.

God's most precious work of art grandma quotes

Quote #20 | I Am A Proud Grandma

I’m proud of many things in my life but nothing beats being a grandma.

I am a proud grandma quote

Quote #21 | My Blessings Call Me Grandma

Some of my greatest blessings call me grandma.

my blessings call me grandma quote

Quote #22 | It Is A State Of Blessing

Being a grandparent is a state of blessing you only understand when you became one.

it is a state of blessing grandparents quote

Quote #23 | Greatest Joy On Earth

No joy on Earth brings greater pleasure than a grandchild to love and treasure.

greatest joy on Earth grandparents quotes

Quote #24 | Hugs & Love Charity Here

They call me grandma because hugs & love charity isn’t an official institution.

hugs & love charity here grandma quote

Quote #25 | Looks With The Heart

This grandma can see what’s invisible to the eye because she looks with the heart.

Only my grandkids

Quote #26 | I Am Young Again

My kids may have aged me but my grandkids made me young again.

I am young again grandparents quotes


Quote #27 | Just Feel The Love

Can’t you just feel the love.

just feel the love grandparents quotes

Quote #28 | I Got Even Cooler

I am a proud grandma. Like a mom, only cooler.

I got even cooler grandma quotes

Quote #29 | They Are The Apple Of My Eye

My grandchildren are the apple of my eye.

they are the apple of my eye grandparents quotes

Quote #30 | God’s Greatest Gifts

My grandchildren were God’s greatest gifts.

God's greatest gifts grandparents quotes

Quote #31 | Best Job Ever

Being a grandparent is the best job I’ve ever had.

best job ever grandparents quotes

Quote #32 | Life’s Circle Completed

Grandchildren complete life’s circle of love.

life's circle completed grandma quotes

Quote #33 | I Fell In Love Again

I used to think I was too old to fall in love again but then someone called me grandma.

I fell in love again grandma quotes

Quote #34 | My Heart Is Smiling

My grandkids make my heart smile.

my heart is smiling grandparents quotes

Quote #35 | Being Accommodating Is My Thing

I don’t spoil my grandkids, I’m just very accommodating.

Being accommodating is my thing grandparents quotes

Quote #36 | I Have Everything I Ever Needed

I may not be rich and famous but my grandchildren are priceless.

I have everything I ever needed grandparents quotes

Quote #37 | My Heart Flutters

Being a grandma makes my heart flutter.

my heart flutters grandma quotes

Quote #38 | She Has My Heart

I know a child who stole my heart. She calls me grandma.

she has my heart grandma quotes

Quote #39 | To The Moon And Even Further

I love my grandkids to the moon and back.

to the moon and even further grandparents quotes

Quote #40 |  I Have The Best Grandkids

When God gave me my grandkids he gave me the best.

I have the best grandkids grandparents quotes

Quote #41 | I Am A Little Bit Of Everything

A grandma is a little bit parent a little bit teacher and a little bit best friend.

I am a little bit of everything grandma quotes

Quote #42 | It Is More Than Fantastic

Being a grandma is like falling in love. If you haven’t experienced it, you can’t imagine how fantastic it feels.

it is more than fantastic grandma quotes

Quote #43 | Most Beautiful Jewels

Grandchildren arms are the jewels us grandmas wrap around our necks.

most beautiful jewels grandma quotes

Quote #44 | Just The Thought Of Them

I just can’t help but smile every time I think about my grandchildren.

just the thought of them grandparents quotes

Quote #45 | Since The Very First Moment

My grandkids may not always be by my side but they’re forever & always in my heart.

since the very first moment grandparents quotes

Quote #46 | They Are My Favorite

Some of my favorite people call me grandma.

they are my favorite grandma quotes

Quote #47 | There Is Nothing Greater

My grandkids are the greatest gift my heart will ever know.

there is nothing greater grandparents quotes

Quote #48 | Hugging Is My Thing

This grandma is for hugging.

hugging is my thing grandma quotes

Quote #49 | They Are My Reason To Smile

My grandkids make me laugh when I don’t even want to smile.

they are my reason to smile grandparents quotes

Quote #50 | Proudest Grandma Ever

This is the proudest grandma on earth.

proudest grandma ever grandma quotes

Quote #51 | Limitless Amount Of Hugs Here

This grandma never runs out of hugs.

limitless amount of hugs here grandma quotes

Quote #52 | Grandchildren Are My Everything

This grandma has arms that always hug & hold, love that’s never ever ending, and a heart that’s made of gold.

grandchildren are my everything grandma quotes

Quote #53 | I Will Always Protect Them

I’m here to grow my grandkids more securely into an unfamiliar world.

I will always protect them grandparents quotes

Quote #54 | Cuddling Is My Thing

This grandma loves to hold and cuddle her grandkids.

cuddling is my thing grandma quotes

Quote #55 | Endless Cuddles And Kisses Here

This grandma shows her love for grandchildren with cuddles and kisses.

endless cuddles and kisses here grandma quotes

Quote #56 | Love My Grandkids

This grandma never stops showing her grandkids her love for them.

love my grandkids grandma quotes

Quote #57 | They Keep Me Young

Plastic surgery? I’ve got grandkids to keep me young.

they keep me young grandma quotes

Quote #58 | They Have Me Always And Forever

Who needs a fairy godmother when they have a grandma.

they have me always and forever grandma quotes

Quote #59 | I Am Blessed

My grandkids are my angels without wings, blessing my life with the most precious things.

I am blessed grandparents quotes

Quote #60 | I Love My Little Flowers

My grandkids are like flowers, I never get tired of watching them grow.

I love my little flowers grandparents quotes

Quote #61 | God’s Prescription

My grandkids are the God’s prescription for getting older.

God's prescription grandparents quotes

Quote #62 | Nuts About Grandkids

I’m nuts about my grandkids.

nuts about grandkids grandparents quotes

Quote #63 | Light Up My Life

My grandkids light up my life.

light up my life grandparents quotes

Quote #64 | All The Time

Keep calm and hug your grandkids.

all the time grandparents quotes

Quote #65 | My Doors Are Always Open

Grandkids always welcome.

my doors are always open grandparents quotes

Quote #66 | No Doubt I Am Blessed

No matter what life throws at me, I was already blessed with adorable grandkids.

no doubt I am blessed grandchildren quotes

Quote #67 | We All Have Our Secrets

What happens at grandma’s, stays at grandma’s.

we all have our secrets grandma quotes

Quote #68 | Pure Joy

Grandkids are all of the fun, none of the work.

pure joy grandchildren quotes

Quote #69 | 24/7

When mommy says no, call 1-800-GRANDMA. Quick service, 24-hour hotline, cookies-on-demand.

24/7 grandma quotes

Quote #70 | Full Service Here

Grandma’s to do list: Pick up grandkids, Spoil them, Load with sugar. Then send them home!

full service here grandma quotes

Quote #71 | More Than Anything

I love my grandkids with all my heart and soul.

more than anything grandchildren quotes

Quote #72 | I’m Feeling Fit

Grandma’s exercise: Kiss & squeeze, kiss & squeeze, kiss & squeeze. Doesn’t do anything to your weight, but oh, what it does for your heart.

I'm feeling fit grandma quotes

Quote #73 | I Am Here For My Grandkids

This grandma has ears to listen, arms to hold, love never ending and a heart of gold.

I am here for my grandkids grandma quotes

Quote #74 | They Brought Light

My grandchildren brought the spring into my heart in the midst of winter.

they brought light grandchildren quotes

Quote #75 | Sweetest Wake-Up Call

The only thing better than hot cup of coffee is waking up to a grandchild.

sweetest wake-up call grandkids quotes

Quote #76 | God Bless Them

When my arms can’t reach my grandchildren I hug them with my prayers.

God bless them grandkids quotes

Quote #77 | The Best Means My Grandchildren

I finally understood the true meaning of the best is yet to come when I became grandma.

the best means my grandchildren grandkids quotes

Quote #78 | They Are My Everything

My children are the rainbow of my life and grandchildren are the pot of gold.

they are my everything grandkids quotes

Quote #79 | No Need For A White Couch

Just when I thought it was safe to buy the white couch, I became a grandma.

no need for a white couch grandma quotes

Quote #80 | The Brightest Sunshine

Grandchildren are like sunshine to the soul.

the brightest sunshine grandkids quotes

Quote #81 | Best Thing Ever Happened To Me

The only thing better than being a mother is being a grandma.

best thing ever happened to me grandma quotes

Quote #82 | Free Hugs Here

Stay warm and hug a grandchild.

free hugs here grandchildren quotes

Quote #83 | When I First Saw Them

The first steps my grandchildren took were into my heart.

when I first saw them grandkids quotes

Quote #84 | It Is My Duty

I solemnly swear to be the best grandma I can be.

it is my duty grandma quotes

Quote #85 | The Most Beautiful Garden

A garden of love grows in a grandparent’s heart.

the most beautiful garden grandparents quotes

Quote #86 | Memories Are Irreplaceable

You can buy children anything in the world, but nothing compare to the memories you make with them.

memories are irreplaceable grandkids quotes

Quote #87 | I Choose Grandchildren

Without my grandchildren my house would be always clean, and my wallet would be full, but…my heart would be empty.

I choose grandchildren grandma quotes

Quote #88 | Best Thing Ever

I am proud of many things in life but nothing beats being a Grandma.

best thing ever grandma quotes

Quote #89 | Grandmatude Is My Attitude

What is grandmatude you ask? Mess with my grandbabies and you will find out.

grandmatude is my attitude grandma quotes

Quote #90 | Luckiest Grandma Here

This is the luckiest grandma in the world.

luckiest grandma here grandma quotes

Quote #91 | With All Of My Heart

Grandmas see with their heart.

with all of my heart grandma quotes

Quote #92 | The Most Beautiful Night Sky

If I had a star for every reason I love my grandchildren, I would have the whole night sky.

the most beautiful night sky grandkids quotes

Quote #93 | Always In My Thoughts

This grandma thinks about her grandchildren every day and night even if they are not with her.

always in my thoughts grandma quotes

Quote #94 | My Little Angels

My grandkids are my little angels.

my little angels grandkids quotes

Quote #95 | My Blessings

Grandchildren are my blessings sent from heaven.

my blessings grandchildren quotes

Quote #96 | Help Wanted

Grandma’s place: Helpers wanted, Workers paid in cookies, hugs and kisses.

help wanted grandma quotes

Quote #97 | It Is The Best Thing

If I had known grandkids are this much fun, I would have had them first.

it is the best thing grandkids quotes

Quote #98 | The World Needs Us Grandmas

The world needs grandmas…’cuz those grandkids aren’t going to spoil themselves.

the world needs us grandmas quotes

Quote #99 | Yes Yes Yes

For every “no” I said as a mom, I get to “yes” as a grandma.

yes yes yes grandma quotes

Quote #100 | Just A Little

I promise I won’t spoil them. (said no grandma ever)

just a little grandma quotes

Quote #101 | I Think I Am The Spoiler

I’m grandma. AKA The spoiler.

I think I am the spoiler grandma quotes

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